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Large Scale R&D Infrastructure Track

Large Scale R&D Infrastructure I (Large Scale R&D I)

  1. “Wiki technologies as large scale infrastructures for government”, Τheodoros Karounos, Vice-President of the Executive Board of Greek Free Open Source Software Society (GFOSS)
    17:00 – 17:45 / Session 2 / Room2


    • The core idea behind documenting and maintaining government processes with the use of open, standardized and widely available tools like MediaWiki is that openness is actively adopted. WikiMedia tools are both open and widely used. As a result they allow access to a wide range of developers, while providing a familiar user experience and ensuring the sustainability of the services provided. The ultimate goal is to pursue open government reforms with a tangible impact that will progressively enable changes in the day to day operation of government thus transforming government at the department level into a more transparent
      and effective organization.

  2. “Opening up the Greek Universities”, Spiros Bolis, Pantelis Balaouras, Konstantinos Tsimpanis, Lazaros Merakos, Network Operations Center, University of Athens
    17:45 – 18:30 / Session 2 / Room2


    • The “open online education” paradigm is challenging the future role of Universities, open or conventional, as well as that of their faculty members. Some say that large traditional universities will have the fate of the dinosaurs, unless they adapt quickly to the new environment. This issue has been at the heart of a debate among faculty, administrators and students at the Greek Universities, since the launching in 2013 of the Greek Opencourses project, an ambitious project aiming at opening up courses selected from the undergraduate and graduate curricula of the Greek Universities. The developed open courses will be made freely available to the general public through an open course-friendly LMS and videolecture platform.  The current status and progress of this project are presented, including the specifications of the online courses, and the support services and technological infrastructure.  GUnet views and policies regarding the development of OER and online courses, and the new opportunities and risks are also discussed.

Large Scale R&D Infrastructure II (Large Scale R&D II)

  1. “Networks, Virtual Resources, High Performance Computing, e-Voting: Infrastructure and Services from the Greek Research and Technology Network to the Research and Academic Community”, Panos Louridas, Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET)
    17:00 – 17:45 / Session 6 / Room2


    • The Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET) has been providing for years high quality networking to the Greek Research and Academic community. Lately GRNET has expanded its services, offering virtualised computing and storage, High Performance Computing (HPC), as well as complete applications like e-voting. We present the range of GRNET services and some lessons we have drawn from our experience implementing them.